Under duress, we do not rise to our expectations. We fall to the level of our training.

— Bruce Lee

Practice. Embody. Master.

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Black sheep experiences

Are you ready for the challenge? Let's face it together!

I became aware of how I unconsciously protect myself from direct contact with another person by avoiding eye-contact and I realised how that reduces my opportunities for authentic connection and meaningful co-operation...

I learned to say no confidently, calmly and without offending the other and I understood that the ability to draw boundaries without fear of losing connection is the key to stress management for me ...

I understood the relationship of my body and my unconscious behaviour through the exercises in the dojo. My body was leaning forward slightly and I was constantly rushing to the next exercise. I felt that busyness draining my energy and preventing me from truly being present to situations and to other people ...

The pad exercise put me in contact with my raw power for the first time in my life. I had the feeling that have the capacity to face any obstacle and defend what is important to me. It was a deeply moving and empowering experience ...

When complexity and speed of change increase, your success as a leader depends on your capacity to embody:

Themes covered during coaching

  • Committing to your growth. A commitment to meaningful change is the motivator that gives direction for your embodied leadership practice.
  • Deepening awareness of your body. When you are in contact with the life and sensations of your body you come across as authentic and trustworthy.
  • Opening conditioned behaviours. Undoing automatic behaviours that harm your ability to collaborate creates space for new possibilities.
  • Creating new capacities that serve your commitments. Regular practice enhances your capacity to stay present and act skilfully even in difficult situations.

Embodied Leadership Coaching enables you to

  • be present in a way that reflects integrity, openness and authenticity
  • take a stand for what you care about without arrogance and aggression
  • create and maintain moods that catalyse commitment and collaboration
  • co-ordinate effectively with others
  • stay calm and balanced under pressure
  • establish and maintain trust
  • relate to others with grounded compassion
  • leverage conflict as an opportunity for renewal and growth of the whole community

Embodied leadership coaching enriches the capacities of the body to stay present and act skilfully under pressure by reprogramming automatically triggered patterns of behaviour that no longer serve us.

Get to know our services

Get to know our services


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  • look outside the box to truly push your boundaries and grow.
  • seek proven means for sustainably improving leadership.
  • wish to develop leadership mastery through regular practice.
  • appreciate continuous, life-long learning as a foundation for growth.

for THE FIRST ten COURAGEOUS customers

For top athletes, performing artists and other professionals it is self-evident that mastery in their discipline requires practice.

We know that the this applies to leadership skills too.‍‍‍

During the past six months we have created, tested and packaged our Embodied Leadership Coaching offering with a courageous group of innovators.

Starting September 1st, 2016 we are making the offer available to others too.

We are so convinced of the effectiveness of the coaching, that we give it a money-back guarantee: if you commit to the work that comes with the coaching, we commit to returning your money if you are dissatisfied with the results.

    Are you ready to be a black sheep?

    Or do you want to hide in the herd?

    A leaders' power is in the body.

    Embodied leadership coaching makes these leadership virtues part of your being through regular practice.

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      10 x 2 h leadership dojo for you and your team (max. ten participants) for the price of 2500 euro + vat.

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      Ten individual embodied leadership coaching sessions for you for the price of 950 euro + vat.

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      Embodied Leadership


      Black sheep


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      Your ability to face difficult situations without contracting creates safety for others to view conflicts as opportunities for renewal.


      When others identify with what you stand for, they follow you for themselves.


      creates safety for people to contribute wholeheartedly without fearing the consequences of failure.  


      Are you ready to elevate your leadership ?

      If you:‍‍‍

      Your capacity to stay present, collaborate and act decisively under all circumstances will grow. As a result you will be more equipped to implement the change that your organisation needs.

      Embodied leadership coaching creates lasting change in your being through deliberate practice.

      Photo by Jari Koski